Physical Characteristics

Topographical and Hydrological Features

     Like other provinces, the terrain of Marinduque is generally hilly and mountainous, hence not very suitable for the production of rice and other agricultural crops. However, the province has rich fishing grounds and mineral resources such as copper and lime.

Land Classification

     From 1994 to 2006, the total land area of the province has been classified into 73.7 thousand hectares or 76.85 percent certified alienable and disposable and 22.2 thousand hectares or 23.15 percent were forested lands. Forest lands were further subdivided into 80.62 percent established forest reserves and the remaining 19.38 percent were established timberlands.

     Marinduque has many types of soil, varying from clay loam to beach sand.



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Types of Soil in Marinduque
Table 1. Status of Land Classification: 1994-2006
Table 2. Summary Statistics on Climatological Normals by Month: 1994-2008

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