Health and Welfare

Health Facilities

     As of 2008, there were only three hospitals in the province, all were government-owned. Total bed capacity was 135 or a ratio of 1,642 persons to one hospital bed.

Health Personnel

     Government health personnel in 2008 totaled 82. There were 7 physicians practicing in the province; 12 nurses; 45 midwives; 5 dentists; and 13 other government health personnel.

Family Planning

     There were a total of 11,947 family planning acceptors as of 2008. The data has been decreasing compared to 13,620 in 2007 and 13,980 in 2006. Of the total in 2008, only 15.92 percent were new acceptors and 84.08 percent were current users. Most family planning acceptors used the pill comprising 38.11 percent or 4,553.


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