Number of Schools

     In school year 2007-2008, there were 406 schools in the province.  Of which, 373 or 91.87 percent were government-owned and only 33 or 8.13 percent were privately owned.

     Pre-schools totaled 156; elementary, 189; secondary, 56; and colleges/universities, 5.

Number of Public and Private Colleges/Universities: As of June 2008







Source: Commission on Higher Education, Region IV-B.


     As of the same school year (excluding enrollment in the tertiary level), enrollment reached 64,614.  Of this total, 90.57 percent were enrolled in government schools and only 9.43 percent in private schools.  Enrollees in pre-school totaled 5,253; 38,650 in elementary and 20,711 in secondary level.

 Teacher-Pupil Ratio

     The ratio of teacher-pupil in the school year 2007-2008 was one teacher for every 27 students in government elementary schools and one teacher for every 32 students in government secondary schools.   

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