Transportation and Communication

Land Transportation

     The number of motor vehicles registered in 2008 totaled 28,427, an increase of 9.36 percent from 2007. Motorcycles and tricycles comprised 67.39 percent, utility vehicles, 26.25 percent while 6.36 percent were other types of motor vehicles such as cars, buses, trucks and trailers.

     Of the total registered vehicles, 75.64 percent were privately-owned; 23.60 percent, for hire; and 0.76 percent, government-owned vehicles.

Number of Establishments

     The province had 59 transportation, communication, storage and warehousing establishments in 2008. Of this total, Calapan City reported the highest number with 15 establishments; followed by Pinamalayan with 8 establishments.


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               Actual Total Engaged by City/Municipality: 1999-2008

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