Trade and Tourism

Coastwise Trade

     Commodities reported to be transported from Oriental Mindoro in 2008 were: food and live animals chiefly for food; beverages and tobacco; crude materials, inedible except fuels; mineral fuels, lubricants and related materials; chemicals and related products; manufactured goods classified chiefly by materials; machinery and transport equipment; and miscellaneous manufactured articles.

     Coastwise domestic imports of Oriental Mindoro in 2008 amounted to P1.15 billion. Petroleum, petroleum products and related materials were the main cargo unloaded to the province, with the highest reported value at P990.64 million or 85.77 percent of the total value.

Number of Wholesale and Retail Trade Establishments

    Wholesale and retail establishments totaled 3,248 in 2008. Most establishments were in Calapan City, the provincial capital, comprising 22.14 percent of the total or 719. Pinamalayan followed with 412 establishments. Those with actual total engaged of 1-9 persons constituted 98.43 percent and the remaining 1.57 percent had actual total engaged of 10 and over.

    Establishments with ATE of 1-9 had 5,794 employees. On the other hand, those with ATE of 10 and over had a total employment of 934 employees.


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Table 1. Cargo Tonnage and Value of Cargo Loaded and Unloaded by Port and Commodity Item: 2008
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             City/Municipality: 1999-2008

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