Income, Expenditures and Prices

Family Income and Expenditures

     Based on the 2000 FIES, the total family income and expenditures of 132.2 thousand families in the province were P14.0 billion and P10.8 billion, respectively. Average family income was recorded at P106.0 thousand, an increase of 62.01 percent compared to the 1994 figure of P65.4 thousand. 

 Main Source of Income

     Most of the families or 43.66 percent derived income mainly from wages and salaries; 40.02 percent from entrepreneurial activities; and 16.32 percent from other sources such as gifts, cash receipts or assistance from abroad and domestic sources, net share of crops, fruits, vegetables, livestock, or poultry from other households and net receipts from family sustenance activities.

     Families whose main source of income were wages and salaries and entrepreneurial activities mostly had income between P60,000-P99,999, while those deriving income from other sources had income of P100,000-P249,999.

Expenditure Pattern

     Food, rent/rental value of occupied dwelling units and education were the top three expenditure groups which comprised 45.9, 10.7, and 5.8 percent, respectively, of the total family expenditures.

Consumer Price Index

     Consumer price index (CPI) in the province in 2008 was registered at 159.6 index points, an 8.0 index points higher compared to the average CPI for Region IV-B which was recorded at 151.6 index points.

     CPI for food, beverages and tobacco group was measured at 163.4 index points. Among the food items, corn posted the highest index of 197.6 followed by cereals with 182.5 index points. Beverages and tobacco groups had CPI of 137.5 and 141.7, respectively.

     CPI for non-food items was recorded at 155.2 index points, with fuel, light and water having the highest CPI of 169.5 index points.


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