Physical Characteristics

Topographical and Hydrological Features

     Romblon is a mountainous province. Sibuyan is a thickly forested mountain mass with a limited rolling and flat terrain. Romblon Island has a hilly terrain with maximum elevation of 444 meters in the south. Low hills and plains dominate the landscape of Tablas Island, with a low mountain range in the center. There is a limited area of lowlands in both Romblon and Sibuyan. The larger islands are composed of basement complex rocks, marbles and igneous materials. The northern part of Romblon and the western portions of Tablas contain small areas of surface limestone.

Land Classification

     From 1994 to 2006, 92.24 thousand hectares or 68.03 percent of the province’s total land area were certified alienable and disposable land. During the same period, about 43.4 thousand hectares or 31.97 percent were forest land. Of the total forest land, 12.5 thousand hectares were established timberland, 2.7 thousand hectares were established forest reserve and 168 hectares were fishponds. A total of 28.0 thousand hectares were unclassified forest lands.

Soil Type

     Romblon has many types of soil varying from sandy loam to hydrosol.




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